Keep your client alive. Maybe shoot some rocks and mean spacecrafts.

We recommend you use Firefox to play the web version, due to sound issues with  Chrome.

Only the towing spaceship can move and only the towed spaceship can shoot. Additionally the towed spaceship's engine can randomly malfunction.  You can collect power ups to repair your spaceship or temporarily upgrade your weapons. Shooting objects is only somewhat useful, you're better advised to use the towing spaceship as a shield.

Use A and D to adjust your spacecrafts

W and S to move

Space to shoot

ESC to pause

This game was made in 48 hours for the GMTK Jam 2021. The theme was "Joined together".

Premade Assets
Music, Sounds and Font - View the ingame credits for more information and attributions


IntergalacticTowingService.exe 41 MB
IntergalacticTowingService.tar.gz 21 MB
IntergalacticTowingService.zip 33 MB


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super cool idea. game is too hard, offence feels lackluster. cool blackhole effect!